Innovating Bitcoin Security

Our industry-leading HDM technology provides fraud detection and recoverability services that protect your customers.

Tim Swanson - "Consensus as a Service" report

Our Customers

We work with companies to improve the security of their wallets and exchanges.

Product Details

Desktop/Mobile Wallets

No more lost or stolen coins. We stop theft and fraud, and we can help recover from lost wallet passwords.


Holding a user's bitcoin is a massive potential liability. Let your users know that their bitcoin is safe by implementing our segregated HDM technology.

Bitcoin Developers

We are building the tools for you to secure your user's wallets with HD MultiSig protection and flow control to further secure their bitcoin.

Our Expertise

CryptoCorp has deep expertise in cryptocurrency 2.0 technologies.

We never stop learning. CryptoCorp will support your needs and requirements as crypto-technologies evolve.


  • Security through distributed keys
  • Plug in point for the oracles

Colored Coins

  • Multiple assets on one blockchain
  • Secure assets with multi-signature

Enterprise oracles

  • Integrate into business systems
  • Fully programmable

The Team

Our Company Mission

  • Improve the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Contribute to open source projects in order to implement Hierarchical Deterministic Multisignature (HDM) wallets in a transparent and responsible way.
  • All code that handles the user's keys should be open source and full-stack auditable.
  • The user should always be in direct control of their personal data and funds and free to decide what information to share with our service.
  • We believe that software patents are bad for the industry. We subscribe to Twitter's Innovator Patent Agreement.

CryptoCorp featured in Tim Swanson's "Consensus as a Service" report

Tim Swanson - author of Great Chain of Numbers and Bitcoin blogger - has released a report on "permissioned, distributed ledgers" and included CryptoCorp as one company to watch in his report.

Third Key Solutions Announcement

CryptoCorp is pleased to be a technology partner to Third Key Solutions, offering CryptoCorp's software platform and technology services to support client cold storage. CryptoCorp's platform enables Third Key Solutions to offer out-of-band verification using SMS and voice as well as an external oracle. CryptoCorp will also offer Third Key Solutions services to its customers seeking key cold storage and recovery.

Peter Shiau joins CryptoCorp

Peter Shiau has moved from an advisory role at CryptoCorp to leading our business efforts. He brings his 16+ years of experience as a technology executive in Silicon Valley, and with developing exciting new products. Peter also brings a bevy of financial industry experience from his tenure at Standard Chartered Bank. We are very excited to have Peter on the team!

Ryan Singer leaves CryptoCorp to found Domus Tower, Inc.

Ryan Singer has resigned from CryptoCorp to focus his full time efforts on his new startup Domus Tower. CryptoCorp remains fully focused on providing software and security services for Bitcoin applications. The split was amicable, and Mr. Singer remains a shareholder of CryptoCorp. To contact Ryan, email . To contact CryptoCorp, email

Vitalik Buterin takes a second look at Multisig technology, examining the progress of the Bitcoin security technology. He covers the “fused Multisig wallet,” where the security of two keys is affected by one company. Vitalik prefers CryptoCorp's approach because “the entity building the oracle and the entity maintaining the software are completely separate.”

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The security issues with physical property to bitcoin transactions are examined, and Multisig is brought up as a potential solution. Crytocorp is lauded as being "one of the most intriguing new companies" in the Multisig startup sector by the author.

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Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Bitcoin Magaize, features CryptoCorp as “leading the charge” towards multi-signature transaction wallets and the future of Bitcoin. He goes in depth, laying the foundations for how Bitcoin is moving towards a multi-signature approach due to necessity, and examines how CryptoCorp is working on to usher in an era of more secure cryptocurrencies. He also lauds that CryptoCorp is “applying two major improvements” to the basic multi-signature process. Vitalik also mentions CryptoCorp in his great tutorial article on Pybitcointools Multisig.

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CryptoCorp is presenting a whitepaper describing Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets at the Texas Bitcoin Conference on March 6th. We will also demo an HDM Wallet, and we'll be available to talk to wallet providers and exchanges about how HDM technology and our services can help secure users' funds.

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